Property Search

Expert advice

Our experienced team provide the information, knowledge and referrals required in order to make your purchase in London successful and stress-free. We accompany all appointments, and our office is available between 07:00 -21:00 daily to cater for any enquiries you may have. If you are just starting your search, why not take a look at our buying guide, showing the process once a property is found?

Instant information

Our in-house technology keeps you fully up to date with the latest developments and additions to the market. In addition to advertisements on all the major portal sites, full details of properties matching your requirements are sent within seconds of availability, with text alerts also available if desired. All new properties can be viewed, along with market comment, by following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page.

Technical assistance

We are able to offer a referral network based on quality and service, not corporate tie-ins! All of our service providers have been tried and tested over many years, removing the risk and stress from functions within a property purchase. We can offer referrals in the following areas: - Solicitors, Surveyors, Mortgage Brokers/Financiers, Interior Designers, Removals Services and Builders/Decorators without obligation.