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Wide selection of properties

Prime London cover a wide range of quality rental properties in central London. Our renowned Property Management team ensure all properties are kept in the best possible condition, allowing trouble-free and enjoyable tenancies in London’s finest locations. Use our search bar above to find your next property! Prime London secure all deposits through the Capita Tenancy Deposit Scheme for the assurance of all tenants and landlords.

Instant information

Our in-house technology keeps you fully up to date with the latest developments and additions to the market. In addition to marketing on all major portal sites, full details of properties matching your requirements are now sent within seconds of availability, with text alerts also available if desired. All new properties can be viewed, along with market comment, by following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page.

Assurance within your tenancy

All properties undergo a pre-tenancy check by our experienced staff to your tenancy on the right foot. We are on hand throughout, as the vast majority of our landlord clients utilise our full management service to enable speedy and effective service to their tenants. In most cases we hold a modest ‘float’ from our clients, meaning smaller items can be taken care of without any need for unnecessary delays, so often a source of stress within a tenancy.